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About Us

Rishabh Publishing House

RISHABH Publishing House education publisher (‘RPHep’) was established in the year 2007, under the leadership of its Founder and Chairperson Mr. Vijay K. Sugnani. RISHABH Publishing House is accredited with 9001:2008 certification for quality book publication and a member of Bombay Booksellers and Publishers Association (BBPA), Mumbai.  

RISHABH Publishing House specializes in the publication of academic and reference books for Mumbai University based graduation courses in the field of business & management, financial markets, banking and insurances, information technology, commerce books, General books and Exam Preparation books.

The company views its social responsibilities sincerely.  All our books are thoroughly reviewed and processed to ensure they are accurate and the right message and content is passed on to teachers and students.  Our principles are based on a humankind with non-commercial and non-profitable attitude.  Our preference is on quality over quantity.  The company’s principles are reflected through their designs of the books, quality of the content, layout, and furthermore the profile and qualifications of its Authors. 

Our Vision

To make the students competent in their professional career with positive approach and attitude To provide a platform for students to become an earning source in the family upon successful completion of higher education.

Our Mission

At RISHABH Publishing House, we believe books are alive, and they have the power to change people. We want our books to help make people better, to connect, imbibe and inherit values and professional ethics. “RISHABH Publication – Beyond Education” by providing knowledge based resources.

Core Values We Believe

Our values are at the heart of our business; they define us, they are how we conduct ourselves both corporately and individually. Innovation, integrity, teamwork, accuracy, authority and trust are the foundations on which RISHABH Publication is built.

  • Students are the products of teachers, which resembles the floor of the publishing house.
  • Books are meant for meeting students’ intellectual requirements, representing the pillars of the publishing house
  • Final mark-list is the reflector of the academic performance, which provides the beam to the publishing house
  • Any curriculum needs a book, which forms the ceiling to the publishing house
  • Authentic content from the qualified author is the backbone of a book, nonetheless, it acts as the roof to the publishing house
  • Learning skills do need the support of study skills, providing a sturdy wall to the publishing house
  • Fair curriculum, Good books, Better guidance, and Best marks make an Exclusive education, which opens the door of the publishing house
  • Theory and Practice are the two sides of the same coin, resembling implementation and execution, respectively, making the window of the publishing house
  • Methodology Applied for going ‘Beyond Education’
  • Promotion of books published in print or electronic form
  • Public Relation with the authorities of institutions and courses
  • Advertising values of the educational products, and not of the products
  • Marketing the success, victory, and achievements
  • Selling the winning edge

Quality Policy

Books are Poor in Printing Press, Good in Storeroom, Better in Bookshops, Best in the Bookshelves, and Exclusive in the hands of Elite People.

With this belief, each and every book is designed and published by adhering to following stringent quality measures.

For Students

  • Easy to Read
  • Convenient to Refer
  • Simple to Revise

For Teachers

  • Easy for Lecture-Planning
  • Convenient for Classroom-Teaching
  • Simple for Paper-Setting

Things you didn’t know about Rishabh Publishing House

  • Rishabh arranges study tours in joint coordination with institutions and non-commercial tour operators.
  • Rishabh has partnership with training institutes to impart training to students for their professional development.
  • Publishes research work of teachers and students with International Standard Book Number.
  • Assists non-local Publishers to distribute their educational books to the local students.
  • Rishabh Education Success Trust (REST)